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Healthcare Chiropractic / Branding Project


As a creative company, we want to meet your target, your objectives and your values. We want to drive these points to your clients the correct way. We help develop the connection between the brand and the public's emotions.


Our goal is to position your brand to retain customers and attract new business opportunities.


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We will work to enforce the identity and meaning of your brand. Your corporate image is designed following tendencies on today current market. 

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We approach your business to understand what makes your unique and different in the market.

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we will focus on promoting the positioning of the brand, maintaining the parameters elaborated in the identity manuals. Looking to generate brand awareness and stay in the minds of your future customers.

We will start

development with your



Official and original logo design selected by

  our clients.

Corporate colors (RGB, CMYK, HEX,


Selected Typography (main, secondary)

Correct and incorrect uses of logos.

Different appliances based on what is

   needed (Business cards, Flyers,

   letterheads, other appliances)

We explain in detail how to use each file

   delivered of your logo.

We deliver original files (psd, eps, ai) and

   font files to be used in all the graphics you

   may need.

Image by MK +2
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